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We come to the Well, and the Fire, and the Tree

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Who We Are

We are CedarLight Grove, a church of Ár nDraíocht Féin, A Druid Fellowship. We hold weekly services and seasonal High Rites to honor the Earth and Her Kindred,  support charitable, educational, and community service projects, and provide a religious home to those who wish to walk with the Old Ones.

 Our beliefs and practices are based upon those of the ancient Indo-Europeans. We seek to ensure that a love for the Old Ways, as expressed in a comprehensive and inclusive polytheistic faith, is accessible and relevant to modern people.

We dedicate ourselves to create and maintain a safe, supportive, and tolerant religious community within which we may practice, study, and discuss Earth-based spiritual traditions. We strive to guard and serve the Earth, Her ecosystems, and to walk lightly upon Her.

Latest News and events

Latest from the Grove

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Clean out your craft closets!  We will be hosting a Fabric Swap Meet and Giveaway for your extra fabric, beads, …

Covid Update

Updated covid policy—CedarLight will no longer be requiring proof of covid vaccination or a negative covid test result to attend …

Winter Solstice Charity

The main charity for the upcoming HR is the Assateague Island Alliance in support of Maryland’s wild horses. The donations …

Alban Arthan, a Brythonic Winter Solstice

Alban Arthan, meaning “the light of the bear” is the name given to the festival surrounding the Winter Solstice in …

Upcoming Events

Rite of Spring

Our Slavic Rite of Spring will be on March 18th, 2023. This rite will be dedicated to the deities of Ukraine with the prayer of 'The peace of freedom for all of Ukraine'.

All are welcome to participate at Cedarlight Center or to join via Zoom. Click the Imbolc link for all the details.

Our Current Charity Initiatives

Cemetery Cleanups

Twice a year, CedarLight members join the local community and Scouts to clean and maintain a local forgotten family cemetery. Service to the community, service to the Ancestors.

American Chestnut Foundation

Four billion American chestnut trees were once found from Canada to Florida. It was one of the most important forest trees in the Eastern U.S. and considered the finest chestnut tree in the world. Brought to the brink of extinction by a non-native blight, CedarLight supports the American Chestnut Foundation's mission to restore the once-iconic American chestnut to our forests.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Oyster recovery is key Chesapeake Bay restoration efforts. One adult oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water a day and feeds on harmful algae! CedarLight supports the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's efforts to purify our waters.

American Forests

We strive to walk gently upon Earth and to restore and maintain the ecosystems the Kindred of Earth need and love. CedarLight supports American Forests in their mission to conserve and restore our forests.

As of Dec 31, 2022

  • 4,606 trees planted to green our Earth
  • 320,500 baby oysters seeded to purify the waters of the Chesapeake
  • $1,310.00 raised to restore the American Chestnut.
  • $475.00 raised of Action Aid USA for their work helping to feed the people of Ukraine.
  • $300.00 raised for the Assateague Island Alliance in honor of the Mari Lwyd.

We call out to the folk to help us in our endeavors. When at CedarLight, there are a donation cans near the entrance clearly marked for each charity. Or, donate through PayPal: cedarlightgrove@gmail.com.  Please note which charity you wish to support.


5918 Edna Avenue, Apt A. Parkville, MD 21214
(please read our parking guidelines)

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