CedarLight Grove, ADF

A Druid Fellowship in Baltimore Maryland

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CedarLight Grove offers various classes and workshops for attending members. We have many knowledgable Grove members from Reiki Practitioners and Masters, Fire Dancers, Web Developers, to Herbalists, Gardeners and Environmentalists.  We also have scholars who love to read and talk about history. Classes and workshops are generally done during Lore Meetings on Sunday afternoons or on weeknights.

High Day Celebrations

For our High Rites, we gather around 3 or so (unless otherwise announced). We have a pre-ritual briefing about 30 minutes before the Rite. This briefing fills you in on what chants will be sung and the outline of the ritual. Ritual is usually around dusk, but in winter we try to have it a little earlier. All of our Rites are held outside, weather permitting. Snow, rain, heat, and mud do not keep us indoors. After ritual, we have a potluck feast and if the mood is right, drumming and dancing.

Spiritual Healing and Meditation

CedarLight Grove provides guided meditation, journey/path workings to help our connections with our allies. We teach Reiki classes when folks are interested.   We have a couple very talented herbalists as well. 

Spiritual Counseling – CedarLight Grove’s priests may provide brief active spiritual listening to those in need. When the need is greater, we recommend  seeking a professional to speak with, here are some resources:

renting the Center

What can you rent CedarLight Center for?

Private Ceremonies

Weddings, and Handfastings,

Baby Saining (Naming & Blessing)

Rites of Passage

Memorial Services

CedarLight Grove has an outdoor sanctuary which can easily accommodate 30 to 50 people standing and about 40 if everyone is sitting. We have an outdoor pavilion approximately 20 x 30 ft and an available charcoal grill. We also have two 10 x 20 ft temporary pavilions, coolers, and tables. We do not have chairs to accommodate more than about twenty people outside.

Our indoor facilities include a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, and a small coffee/tea food service area which includes a microwave. The main room is approximately 20 x 40 ft and can hold twenty people comfortably and thirty people tightly. 


Our indoor facilities are not handicapped accessible and there are steps to climb from the outside.

Set up and clean up are the responsibility of the persons renting the space unless arrangements are made at least two weeks prior to the event. There will be an extra cost based on what is required and how many people are needed to perform the work. Please contact us for specific quotes.

The cost for renting the sanctuary and spaces of CedarLight Grove for a private event is $200.00 per day. This amount gives access to the spaces between 9AM to 9PM. Requests for earlier or later access must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event and are approved on a case by case basis. Payment must be received one week prior to the event.

To reserve CedarLight Center for your private event please contact us online.

Services by ADF Ordained Clergy

Basic wedding/handfasting ceremony: $200.00
This includes a personalized ceremony catering specifically to the couple.

Costs for other ceremonies will be handled on a case by case basis.

Contact clergy[@]cedarlightgrove.org for quotes on what you have in mind.

Note on funerals: CedarLight is not equipped to handle a service with the deceased in a coffin. Such a service would have to be done at funeral establishment.

Our Clergy

Reverend Caryn MacLuan, Senior Druid

Rev. Francesca

Reverend Francesca Hedrick