CedarLight Grove, ADF

A Druid Fellowship in Baltimore Maryland

Attending Our Events


You do not have to be a member of CedarLight to attend any of our events listed here (unless stated otherwise). All are welcome to attend! Our schedule is kept up-to-date below, but be sure to review some etiquette suggestions as well if this is your first event.(see calendar at the bottom of page)

CedarLight grove is an open and inclusive group, however being tolerant of others does not include being tolerant of bad behavior.  When we open our doors and offer hospitality to our guests, we expect them to be respectful of our members and other guests.  Our bylaws read that an individual exhibiting a pattern of actions or behavior evidencing a malicious intolerance towards others, an abusive disrespect towards Earth, or promulgation of a creed inimical to the beliefs to which CedarLight Grove and/or ADF are dedicated shall be grounds upon which the Executive Officers and/or the Witan shall take corrective actions which may include removal or banning from our property.  Our sacred spaces are on private property and thus, as the owners, we can exclude those who would violate our bylaws and/or the ADF Code of Conduct.

Ongoing Events

High Rites are normally held on the closest Saturday to the actual date but may be changed due to conflicts with other events.

  • Rites of Caffeina– 10:00am Sundays
  • Walk with the Old Ones– Begin between 10:30 and 11am Sundays
  • Lore Meeting after Rites of Caffiena on Sundays, usually 1-3pm
  • Other Classes as scheduled
  • Samhain’s High Rite
  • Yule’s High Rite
  • Imbolg’s High Rite
  • Spring’s High Rite
  • Beltain’s High Rite
  • Summer’s High Rite
  • Lughnasadh’s High Rite
  • Fall High Rite

Rites of Caffeina is a potluck brunch. Sunday afternoons are used for classes, garden work, Witan meetings and more. Walk with the Old Ones is a short, weekly devotional held after coffee but before brunch.

All of CedarLight’s High Rites are followed by a potluck feast. Everyone is asked to bring a dish to share that serves 6-10 people, and to mark it vegan, vegetarian or non vegetarian along with the ingredients. Alcohol is not permitted at any of our public events. Children are welcome at all events unless stated otherwise, but must be attended to at all times. We suggest a $20 per person donation for High Rites at CedarLight Center which can be done through our Dagda’s Cauldron either at the Grove, or online.


There are a few rules of etiquette to consider before coming to one of our events.

Our Events are Potluck

Our events are pot-luck, meaning a shared meal where everyone brings a dish. If you cannot bring food, then a donation is also appropriate or volunteering to help clean afterward. Coming to eat our food and not help out is not proper guest etiquette.

Wash Your Dishes

On average we have 30 people attend our events. We encourage folks to bring their own cup, their own utensils, and their own plate that they use. If all of them did not wash their own dishes, we’d be stuck with washing almost 100 dishes on our own. Please take a few moments to wash your dishes so that someone else is not stuck doing so.

The Pantheon

Each ritual may invoke a different Pantheon. Some may invoke Greek Deities, others Irish, but for the most part, each ritual sticks to one complete Pantheon. We ask that you do not invoke deities of other pantheons during these rituals publicly during the ritual. What you do silently on your own is your business.

Our Calendar

Before coming to CedarLight

(By Will Pierson, founder of CedarLight Grove, ADF)

Being Wiccan or pagan or druid, has only a little to do with how much or what you’ve read, or whom you know. If you’re druid, you’re druid, and there’s little that can be done about that, except to learn the words that will allow you to speak of the things you know in the same language as other druids, or wiccans or pagans or whatever. CLG is only a little bit about teaching that which already lives inside you; we are mostly about learning ways to allow the druid or wiccan or pagan or whatever more room to grow freely.

Now that’s a real hard and tricky kind of question ;). Before you’ll be allowed to come, you’ll need to learn and demonstrate the ability the accomplish the three sacred things of being a druid in the light of the cedars.

(1) You’ll need to be able to find and to transport yourself to the sacred, mystical, secret sanctuary located at 5918 Edna Ave (just east of Harford Road at Glenmore, between Hamilton and Northern Parkway).

(2) You’ll need to, through consultation of many magical and mysterious signs, omens, personal oracles, and bus schedules, be able to select exactly the right moment (plus or minus an hour usually does it) to whisk your way through the druid mists and into the mythical realms of CedarLight sanctuary while the portals are open at the time most propitiously ordained by the remote and eternal celestial spheres, such as maybe 7 to 9 PM on certain weekdays for workshops, meetings journeys, and other things (which are the more formal things we do) or 10am to 12 noon Sundays for Rites of Caffiena (which are the less formal and entirely social things we do). Or any other time that you see something that interests you posted to the Events Schedule.

(3) Lastly, and this can be the most difficult task of all, once you find yourself standing alone at the edge of some lonely and forgotten bit of sidewalk, with no place now to hide, and facing the mightily imposing edifice of CedarLight with its mystical green door slung half ajar and the glorious green and gold banners of Ar nDraiocht Fein flying overhead, you will have to still the anxious beating of your heart, suppress the really quite sane tendency to turn and run for your life, take a deep breath, and with great courage mount the foreboding front steps, pass through the front door, and pronounce the magical incantation that will finally open the sacred gates before you—–something like “Hi, where’s the coffee” usually does the trick ;).