CedarLight Grove, ADF

A Druid Fellowship in Baltimore Maryland

CedarLight Fundraisers

CedarLight has been several running fundraisers:
  • to plant trees through American Forest Foundations since 2017
  • to seed oysters in the Chesapeake Bay through the Chesapeake Bay Foundation since 2018 and
  • to support the American Chestnut Project through the American Chestnut Foundation to bring back this tree whose range once extended from Canada to Florida all along the eastern areas of North America.

These are our totals so far from our efforts.

American Forests: 3591 trees planted
Chesapeake Bay Foundation: 170,600 baby oysters released
American Chestnut Foundation: $410.00 donated. We just started this one in 2020.
If you are considering donating to CedarLight, please consider one of our fundraising projects…
for the Earth Mother and the Sacred Waters.
Thank you
Rev Caryn MacLuan