CedarLight Grove, ADF

A Druid Fellowship in Baltimore Maryland

Joining Our MemberShip


Greetings Druids and Dear Friends of CedarLight Grove
May the arms of Earth and her Kindred embrace you, their blessings engulf you, their love uphold you. We greet you now in the fellowship of CedarLight Grove.

The Officers of CedarLight Grove invites you to become a supporting member of our fellowship and our sanctuary to Earth and her Kindred. CedarLight Grove, is a Druid Fellowship in the Pagan community dedicated to the worship of the Gods and Goddesses, the Ancestors, the Spirits of Nature and Mother Earth.  Your membership will ensure CedarLight’s future and enable us to continue our mission of worship, of service and of teaching. They deserve no less. They deserve a sanctuary where Their people can gather to worship, to pray and to learn the lessons of their teachings. They deserve the honor and the love that the Sanctuary of CedarLight manifests.

How to become a Member

Steps to Join

Get to Know Us

Come to some of our events like Rites of Caffeina, Walk With the OldOnes, Workshops, High Rites or other events lists on our website. It important to get to know the members and the path before making a decision if this is the place for you.

Research and Join ADF

Become familiar with ADF Druidry and how it matches up with other types of Druidry and neopaganism. Download the Hearth Keepers Way from the public section of the ADF website.

Fill Out Membership Form

Then, once you are ready to make an informed decision, you can fill out a membership form to the right and pay the membership fee via Paypal (note: you do not need a paypal account to submit payment).

If you aren't comfortable submitting the form online, or wish to pay the membership fee via personal check, money order, or cash, you can fill out a paper form at CedarLight Grove and submit it to the Pursewarden directly.

Renewing members with a lapsed membership less than 1 year should contact the Pursewarden directly and NOT utilize this form.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are under 18, we will need a signed waiver form from a parent or other legal guardian to process your membership. Find that form here (which will need to be witnessed by 2 members of the CedarLight Board of Directors). Please direct any questions to the CedarLight Officers via the Contact Us page here on the website.

What do I Get for My Membership?

When joining CedarLight Grove, ADF you receive several benefits as a result of your membership and continued support of CedarLight Grove, ADF.

  • After attending 5 high rites and/or business meetings, members will be able to participate in a ceremony commemorating their dedication to CedarLight Grove, ADF.
  • Members will gain access to the membership section of the CedarLight Grove website, and all archives listed within, as well as access to members-only sections of our message board.
  • Members sometimes get half off all workshops presented by the Grove that are over $10. This depends on the presenter but can be a nice savings.  
  • Members will have access to the Grove library and the ability to check out books.
  • After attending any events where attendance is taken such as business meetings or High Rites each membership year, members who are also members of ADF will be able to vote in Witan elections. Requires ADF membership.
  • Members can request a free @cedarlightgrove.org email address.
  • Members can take roles in CedarLight Grove high rites.
  • Members will be able to vote in open business meetings. Requires current ADF membership
  • In joining CedarLight Grove, you additionally receive a membership to ADF. An ADF membership allows you to receive all benefits of ADF membership listed on their webpage. Your membership to ADF will be paid for by CedarLight Grove.
  • You could be considered for sponsorships to festivals, conferences, retreats, classes, etc if you are teaching and representing CLG at that function. This is subject to approval by the officers and available funding.
  • You will have free access to the Grove Space for one private function per year (a $300 value) and at a reduced rate of $50 per event for more than one function per year. This is subject to the rules of renting CedarLight Center and approval by the officers.
  • You will have free access to the Grove Space and Sanctuary for community supporting workshops, rituals, and meetings as long as they do not conflict with grove activities, you agree to “pass the cauldron” for a suggested donation of $20 per person and you agree to the Grove’s rules & regulations. All events must be approved by the officers, and proposed to the officers at least 2 weeks prior to schedule.
  • You will receive a membership badge with leather thongs to place your high rite beads and any other special event beads that are passed out.
  • Members can pay for workshops and auction winnings incrementally within 1 quarter of purchase or service rendered.

Your membership to the Grove will officially begin on the date your membership form is submitted, however, the ADF membership will begin on the date the CLG membership coordinator enters your information on the ADF website after you qualify for us to pay for ADF membership. Note you can start your ADF membership before joining the grove. That will immediately give you access to the member’s sections of that website.

CedarLight Grove has the right to refuse membership to and/or the renewal of membership of any person meeting the criteria in the By-Laws and a vote of the membership.

Membership Form