CedarLight Grove, ADF

A Druid Fellowship in Baltimore Maryland

Upcoming Events December 2019/January 2020

Note:  Every Sunday except the one after a High Rite, We have a pot luck brunch, and a  short blessing rite that we call Walk with the Old Ones (WWtOO).  Doors open at 10 am and the rite is at 11:30 am.  The afternoons vary, we could have high rite planning, workshops, discussions, gardening, or other type of activities. Subscribe to our Events Calendar here!

Please follow our page on FB for the latest info on any winter weather-related closings or cancellations. Hail the Cailleach!

Dec 8 (Sun):  Regular morning activities.  After WWtOO, we will be moving our Aphrodite statue out of the Sanctuary and into the basement for some winter beautification. Also finalizing our Yule ritual planning, if needed.

Dec 15 (Sun): Regular morning activities.  After WWtOO, we will have a walk-through of the Yule ritual for all ritual team participants.

Dec 19 (Thurs):  Earth Healing rite, informal,  Doors open at 7pm. All are welcome.

Dec 21 (Sat): Yule High Rite. Doors open at 3pm, pre-ritual brief is at 5pm, ritual starts promptly at 6pm. There will be an overnight vigil. See our Yule page for all the details.

Dec 22 (Sun): NO WWtOO! There will be a sunrise rite for those folks who have stayed for the vigil, and then we will all go home and crash out.

Dec 29 (Sun): Regular morning activities. After WWtOO, discussion of the Yule Omen.

Dec 30 (Mon): Online Witan meeting, 7pm in Google hangouts, all members welcome!

Jan 5 (Sun): Regular morning activities. After WWtOO, a discussion on liturgy lead by founder Will Pierson.

Jan 12 (Sun): Regular morning activities. After WWtOO, our annual budget and ritual planning business meeting (starting around 1pm). We will set the dates for our 2020 High Rites (Ostara-Imbolc 2021) and choose chief liturgists for each date. All members are welcome, especially if you’d like to run a ritual in 2020.