Who We Are

CedarLight is open to all who wish to learn about or worship the gods of the cultures of the Indo-European language groups. This is a very large number of cultures including people of all different kinds of skin colors and ethnicities, along with all manner of sexual orientations. We are a church of ADF and …

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This week at CedarLight

Tues: Online Witan meeting at 7PM. Thurs: Reiki Share at grove starting at 7PM Sun: Discussion on the Midsummer omen and beginning discussion on Lughnasadh, The Gathering of the Tribes

June Events

June 5th: The Slavic Lore of the season, direction to take, and journey to meet the Kindred. Led by Rev. Francesca Hedrick June 12th: – Midsummer Ritual planning and more Slavic influences Led by Rev. Francesca Hedrick – Druidry in the 21st century; looking forward, over the horizon Led by William Pierson, CLG founder June …

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This week’s events

April 14th-17th some of us will be attending ADF’s spring festival Trillium. You can learn more here: April 17th: CedarLight will be open for Sunday morning brunch and morning rite. Doors open at 10 AM.

February – March 2016 Events

Some events subject to change, please check back often. 2/7/15: Closed No Events 2/14/15: Imbolc omen discussion and preliminary planning for Ostara. -Clean up day after the discussion….Oh the Mud! It’s everywhere! -Pizza will be provided! 2/21/15: Dedicant Meeting: Review of Ostara write-ups. Workshop on the neo-pagan holiday of Ostara with as many hearth cultures …

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