CedarLight Grove, ADF

A Druid Fellowship in Baltimore Maryland


Summertime events 2024

6/20 @ 7pm: Journey to meet the deities of Midsummer. 6/22 Midsummer high day, see link on this page/ 6/27 @7pm Reiki Share 8/3  Lughnasadh high day 8/15-18  ADF Summerland Festival, some grove members are going. (https://threecranes.org/summerland/) 9/21  Fall Equinox high day

Upcoming events through May ’24

Mar 23:  Lygė – A Baltic Spring High Rite Apr 13:  Biddesson Cemetery Cleanup, CLG contributed to the community and honors the ancestors by helping to cleanup a small abandoned cemetery in Baltimore each year. Apr 18-23:  Trillium, the ADF Spring Gathering. https://trilliumgatheringadf.org/  May 4:  Beltane High Rite May 23-27: Wellspring Gathering. An annual festival …

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Upcoming Events

January 21st, 2024  Our annual business meeting to set the course for the year.  We encourage all members to attend either in-person or via Zoom. February 3rd, a Hellenic High Rite, see link further down this page. See our calendar to the form more details.


Aug 5, Lughnasadh (see link on this page) Aug 6, No events after a High Rite (Don’t listen to the calendar, it fibs.) Charity updates for this past quarter. American Forests                  $120.00 CBF Oyster Restoration       $195.00 American Chestnut               $100.00 Total     $415.00  so far this quarter. Hail the folk!

Covid Update

Updated covid policy—CedarLight will no longer be requiring proof of covid vaccination or a negative covid test result to attend in-person events at CedarLight Grove, or collecting contact information to perform contact tracing. We will still be providing Zoom access to walk with the old ones and high rite ceremonies. N-95 masks and rapid covid …

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Winter Solstice Charity

The main charity for the upcoming HR is the Assateague Island Alliance in support of Maryland’s wild horses. The donations from the rite will go there unless otherwise specified. Other possible charities that folks could support as a praise offering are: -Donations to any of our regular charities for trees, Chestnuts or oysters. Thanks!

Samhain High Rite

Our next rite will be all about honoring and helping the dead especially those who have lost their way. We will be calling on An Dagda and An Morrigan to help us in our endeavor to get them into the west. You can see the details in our link https://cedarlightgrove.org/about-us/our-holidays/samhain-high-rite/ or the link farther down …

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