CedarLight Grove, ADF

A Druid Fellowship in Baltimore Maryland

Feb Events

2/3 Lore Mtg on preparation for the Imbolc Highrite
2/5 Imbolc High Rite at CLG 4PM, Gather at 3 PM
2/6 Rites of Caffeina
2/10 Lore Mtg: Willow & Holly, Ogham Project
2/13 Rites of Caffeina
2/17 Lore Mtg: Hazel & Apple, Ogham Project
2/20 Rites of Caffeina; Witan Business Meeting
2/24 No Lore Meeting
2/27 Rites of Caffeina. Lore of Ostara and Ostara Planning Meeting

Please note 2/24 No Lore Meeting.
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