CedarLight Grove, ADF

A Druid Fellowship in Baltimore Maryland

February – March 2016 Events

Some events subject to change, please check back often.

2/7/15: Closed No Events
2/14/15: Imbolc omen discussion and preliminary planning for Ostara.
-Clean up day after the discussion….Oh the Mud! It’s everywhere!
-Pizza will be provided!
2/21/15: Dedicant Meeting: Review of Ostara write-ups. Workshop on the neo-pagan holiday of
Ostara with as many hearth cultures as we can fit in. Q&As on the Dedicant Path.
2/28/15: Ostara planning
3/6/15: TBD
3/13/15: Final Ostara Planning and walk-through
3/19/15: Ostara at Cedarlight
3/20/15: Closed No Events
3/27/15: Ostara Omen Discussion and preliminary Beltane planning.
-Clean up day after the discussion, pizza will be provided.