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Garry Rowland, Lakota-Sioux Visitor

All who may be interested and RSVP me, Caryn MacLuan, at [email removed to prevent spam now that event is over] so I can make sure we have enough coffee and tea available. If there are more than 15 or so folks, we might need to be outside so dress appropriately for the weather. We are planning on our weekly blessing service at about 11 AM and giving Garry time to speak from about Noon untill he is done talking.

Directions to CedarLight can be found here

Garry Rowland, director of the Wounded Knee Visitors Center, Headsman of the Fire Lightning Tiospaye in Wounded Knee, and Director of the Wounded Knee chapter of the American Indian Movement (AIM) will be at CedarLight Grove this coming Sunday, April 15th. We plan to give him time to talk about the history of Wounded Knee and the private project to maintain a Native American owned and operated memorial to those who died at Wounded Knee both in the late 1800’s and in the 1970’s. See some of the links below for more details.

In Garry’s own words:

I am a historian in my own way about Wounded Knee as I have experienced such as being a veteran of the Wounded Knee takeover. I was one of the people instrumental in the name change at the Battle of the little Big Horn and also helped organize the Chief Big Foot Memorial Ride. I was hired as a sergeant of Police when the Tribe contracted Law Enforcement from the B.I.A. and I attended the Police Academy in the State of South Dakota and was certified Law Enforcement Officer.

He is also interested in talking to event organizers in the area about appearances and of course fundraising for the Memorial Center.

For a further intro, please google “Garry Rowland” + “Lakota” as there appear to be several unassociated hits on his name alone.

Why the Wounded Knee Memorial is NOT owned and operated by the US Park Service.

A contrast between Little Big Horn and Wounded Knee Memorials

The Story of the Massacre

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