CedarLight Grove, ADF

A Druid Fellowship in Baltimore Maryland

International Rite

International Rite of Hope and Healing for the Survivors

Dear Friends,
I would like to invite all to CedarLight Center off Hartford Rd in NE Baltimore, Sunday Sept 11th at 6PM. The address and directions can be found at: https://www.cedarlightgrove.org/location.php

The Druids of Ar nDriaocht Fein (ADF) in several countries across the world are gathering to perform a joint, simultaneous rite of healing and hope for the survivors of hurricane Katrina both human and non-human. We invite all to join us in this endeavor.

The rite will call upon the Divine Mother to intercede and help the survivors renew their hope, heal their pain, and give them the strength to rise above the tragedy.

This will be a simple rite without the full revels afterwards as we understand that folks have jobs on Monday. The sanctuary is outside so some preparation for mosquitoes might be in order. We do have chairs for those who would prefer to sit.

Alternatively, if you cannot attend, you might find it more meaningful to meditate while listening to jazz, zydeco, blues or dixie — and how that music will never be the same in New Orleans and other areas most devastated. Or maybe preparing and serving up a big batch of gumbo — reflecting on all the wonderful restaurants that may never again open their doors. Whatever is meaningful for you.

Whatever you do, please stop for a moment or two on Sunday evening to add your prayers and energy to those who are really in need right now.

Thank You

Rev Caryn MacLuan
Dedicant Priest, CedarLight Grove, ADF

You can find out what Druid Organizations in this country are doing for the relief effort at:

ADF Cares has been busy trying to contact every member in the affected areas. A complete listing can be found at: http://www.adf.org/members/katrina.html You must be an ADF member to get into this section of the website.

There is a listing of celtic and roman prayers that can be access from the ADF homepage at http://www.adf.org/core/index.html