CedarLight Grove, ADF

A Druid Fellowship in Baltimore Maryland

Join us for Yule this Saturday

Feel free to join CedarLight Grove this Saturday for our Yule High Rite. Our prayer for our Yule Rite shall be “Spreading the light of hope through shadows of winter”. We will be honoring Freyr and Freya, with Baldur as the Gatekeeper and Thor as the protector from the Outsiders.

This will also be an optional all-night vigil for those that wish to stay the night. We have a schedule of activity and rituals throughout the night on our Yule event page.

We are also raising funds for Big Cats with a bake sale, which further details for that can also be reached on our Yule event page. Feel free to bring a baked good or money to purchase some baked goods in support of this fantastic organization to save our Big Cats.

Since many of us will be staying up to celebrate the long night, there will be NO RITES OF CAFFIEENA OR ACTIVITIES ON SUNDAY DECEMBER 19th 2010.

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