CedarLight Grove, ADF

A Druid Fellowship in Baltimore Maryland

March Events

Mar 3: Lore Mtg: Ogham Project: Vine and Ivy
Mar 6: Rites of Caffeina (ROC), Walk w/ the OldOnes Lore of Ostara at 1PM w/ some ritual planning
Mar 10: Lore Mtg: Ogham: Broom & Blackthorn
Mar 10: Start of Ecumenicon (www.ecumenicon.org) CLG is a sister organization to Ecumenicon
Mar 13: ROC
Mar 17: Lore Mtr: Pre-Ostara, final ritual brief
Mar 19: Dedicant’s Group meet at 2PM
Mar 19: Ostara at CLG, gather NLT 4PM, ritual at 5PM
Mar 20: ROC, Walk w/ the OldOnes
Mar 24: Lore Mtg: Ogham, Elder & Fir
Mar 27: ROC, Walk w/ the OldOnes, Witan Mtg
Mar 31: Break, No Lore Mtg

Upcoming Events: The ADF Spring Gathering, Trillium will be held April 21-24. See http://www.littleacorngrove.org/trillium/ for details. There will be a full track on the Ogham including Skip Ellison of the bardic & magician’s guild teaching divination with the Ogham, Kay Donaldson leading a “make your own Ogham’s Set” workshop, and the Naturalist Guild leading a walk with tree identification and Caryn MacLuan of CedarLight leading a tree by tree discussion.