CedarLight Grove, ADF

A Druid Fellowship in Baltimore Maryland

Nyx and Protogenoi Moon Rite (3/14/15)

Nyx and Protogenoi Moon Rite (3/14/15) Official Event Outline:

Who: Open to the Public

When: Saturday, March 14, 2015. Guests should arrive no later than 7:30 PM for the Pre-Ritual Brief; Ritual starts at 8pm. (Ritual team, however, is requested to arrive at 6PM for set-up.) We should be past snow season, but be sure to check back to make sure that there are no last minute changes.

Cost: Minimum donation is $5/person, which may be paid via cash or check to the Dagda’s cauldron at the Grove, or online through our paypal address: cedarlightgrove@gmail.com.

·         As per the Greek Deity Festival tradition I would like the Moon Rite to proceed as follows:

–          Would like to suggest that all attendees wear only the following colors in honor of our guests: either all White or all Black clothing.
–          Procession with Nyx Representative Statue, and Protogenoi iconography.
–          Musical accompaniment will be played for the procession and will be setting an initial calm and meditative tone.
–          Recite the Well, Fire, Tree and Earth chant provided below as a centering and grounding exercise:

Earth, Fire, Well, & Tree Chant

This is the earth which gives unto us,
This the well that inspiration births,
This is tree at the center of all worlds,
This is the fire ablaze within our souls!

Together they are one,
Together they are us,
Each a puzzle piece within the wheel turned,
Great Mother! All Father! To you we look first
as the wheel turns our fate in blessing or in curse.

Together we are one,
A family large in number,
A heartbeat told in song.

This is the earth which gives unto us,
This the well that inspiration births,
This is tree at the center of all worlds;
This is the fire ablaze within our souls!

–          Then we will hop into the lore of the rite which will have slightly theatrical/high energy elements (as Greeks often celebrated Deities individual festivals with great plays and similarly high octane events):
This will have a sung element to be handled by ritual team (to be provided later) which will invoke creation through Khaos, and welcome both Khaos and Phanes.
–          Presentation of the Protogenoi
–          Calling to the local daemons (kindred)
–          Opening of the Gates (Call to Nemesis)
–          Honoring Outsiders (Call to Erebos)
–          Honoring Sacred Earth (Gaea)
–           Introduction of Nyx and Hemera
–          Sacrifices
–          Sharing of the Sacred Wine (Non Alcoholic Version to be served)
–          Omen (Furies and Fates Presiding)
–          Closing of the Gates and thanking all the Deities and Daemons
–          Revels

This Rite is a DRY RITE
Our celebrations are dry, meaning no alcohol is permitted except the Waters of Life during ritual.

Bring a Dish for the Potluck!
Bring a dish to share with the Grove after ritual if you wish to participate in the feast. Participants who bring a dish to share are welcome to participate in the feast. Your dish should serve approximately 6-10 people. Please label whether your dish has meat or not for our vegetarians. It’s also a good idea to list the ingredients if available. We have several members who are sensitive to gluten.

There are cans of sodas and bottled water available at the Grove for 50 cents each. Feel free to contribute beverages to the Grove!

Dress Warmly
The High Rite will be done outdoors (depending on the weather), and it will be cold. Be prepared and bring plenty of warm clothes to prepare for the dropping temperatures once the sun goes down. You may even want to bring hand and/or foot warmers.

Children and Pets

We do not have children’s activities planned for this Rite. Children are welcome to all CedarLight events, but must be attended at all times. If your children start running around during ritual or being noisy, you will be asked to escort them out of the sanctuary.  Pets, however, are not allowed.