CedarLight Grove, ADF

A Druid Fellowship in Baltimore Maryland

Upcoming Weekend Events


Oct. 12: Walk with the Old Ones is CANCELLED. CLG is closed for annual Rennfaire outing. Folks will be meeting at CLG to carpool. See: https://www.cedarlightgrove.org/board/index.php?topic=5316.msg42870#new

Oct. 19: Cemetery Clean Up Day – leave from CLG after WWtOO around 1:45. Bring work gloves and weed whackers. I don’t think we have any downed trees to worry about this year at least, so it shouldn’t take several days.

Oct. 26: Final Samhain Planning Day! We’re going to have a run-through for the High Rite (think of it like a rehearsal) so everyone understands what their roles are and we clarify any questions. This may morph into Cemetery Clean Up Day part 2.