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Alban Arthan, a Brythonic Winter Solstice

Alban Arthan, meaning “the light of the bear” is the name given to the festival surrounding the Winter Solstice in the Welsh Bardic tradition. We will be honoring Rhiannon as the Modron, the mother goddess of Celtic Britain and celebrating the return of the Mabon, the divine child who is stolen on the day of his birth and returns on the morning of the winter solstice. We will be honoring Rhiannon by drawing on the Welsh Wassailing tradition of the Mari Lwyd. In Welsh folk custom, a horses skull was traditionally decorated with ribbons and ornaments and carried door to door during the Christmas season. Although folk custom is difficult to trace to its roots, there is a possibility this tradition traces back to the worship Rhiannon and similar Celtic sovereignty goddesses
Dec  17, 2022
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