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Calendar of High Rites 2012

Happy New Year, all!

The dates for all of our high rites for the next year have been set and we very much look forward to seeing you there! These dates will also be made available on our Google Calendar which you can sync with your own Google Calendar so you will always be aware of upcoming CLG events!

High Rite Schedule:

Imbolc: February 4th
Ostara: March 24th
Beltaine: May 5th
Midsummer: June 23rd
Lughnasadh: August 4th
Mabon: September 22nd
Samhain: November 3rd
Yule: December 22nd
Imbolc: February 2nd, 2013

Keep an eye on our High Rites page (that pretty little picture on the right hand side of the screen) to stay abreast of times and other vital information for our upcoming events. Hope to see you soon!

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