CedarLight Grove, ADF

A Druid Fellowship in Baltimore Maryland

Join us for a Workshop this Sunday (July 13, 2014) after Walk with the Old Ones !

Bless Me Uncle Bob: Ancestor Worship Workshop @ CLG This Sunday @ 1pm

Suggested Donation: $10

Description: Most religions have some form of ancestor worship as part of their basis. We will take a look at what ancestor worship is defined as and how our ancestors may have practiced it in their worship. As moderns, we will look at ways on how we may include this in our practice. ( 1 hour) Followed by 15 min journey to meet an ancestor.

Rev Francesca Hedrick is a priest of ADF and member since 1999, She has held numerous leadership positions and has been speaking at festival for many years. Francesca began studying parapsychology as a teenager and was then a member of an Earth-based, eclectic Celtic magical group before joining ADF.