CedarLight Grove, ADF

A Druid Fellowship in Baltimore Maryland

Join us for Midsummer

The summer solstice is a time to celebrate the coming of summer during the longest day. Join us as we ask the OldOnes to “Help those who would recieve the ‘sight’.” The ‘sight’ being the art seership and divination.

We will be honoring the Oldones by description rather than names so the the most apprpriate OldOne(s) will answer the call. We will also be using lines and phrases from Shakespear and other writers to augment the rite.

Appropriate offerings would have something to do with seership, divination and omens. Also appropriate would be a poem or song that brings to mind that we are only in and seeing one of many, many worlds and they are all changing all the time.

If you have one please bring a small windchime for use in the rite.
Solstice Blessings!

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