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Lughnasadh Charity: Supporting our Military Pagans

For our Lughnasadh Charity event (I know, we are preparing early :)), CedarLight Grove will be sending care packages to our overseas pagan military thanks to Operation Circle Care of the Circle Sanctuary.  Three Cranes Grove of Ohio and Sassafras Grove of Pennsylvania have also joined in the effort to make this a multi-Grove of ADF charity event!

From now until Lughnassadh, we will be collecting the following items:

Pagan Spiritual Medallions

* Pentacles
* Ankhs
* Awen symbols
* Thor’s Hammers
* Sun symbols
* Moon symbols
* Goddess and/or God symbols
* Green Man/Woman symbols
* Wheel of the Year symbols

Other items

* Pagan Music, Meditation: CDs & DVDs
* Gift cards from store that ship overseas, for example Barnes and Noble, Amazon
* Gift cards can be used for online holiday shopping (So deployed soldiers can send gifts home to their children from overseas)
* ATT phone cards
* Crystals
* Small God and Goddess statues
* Pagan Books (No nudity)
* Incense
* Oils
* Herbs
* Small Wands
* Small travel chalices
* Altar cloths

These items can be shipped or hand-delivered to CedarLight Grove in Baltimore (or subsequent Grove’s in Ohio or Pennsylvania) by or on our Lughnassadh High Rite.  We will be blessing these items during the rite before sending them off to be placed into care packages for soldiers.

Please join in our cause to celebrate our warriors during the time of the Tailteann Games of Lughnassadh. If you have any questions, please email clg@cedarlightgrove.org

[Download our flier for this event]

3 thoughts on “Lughnasadh Charity: Supporting our Military Pagans”

  1. Here is the address to Magicks Mystic Blessings


    8301 Philadelphia Rd
    Rosedale, Md 21237

    PHONE # 410-391-5507
    (call before you go to make sure that the store is open)


    Monday to Saturday
    10am to 6pm


    Take Glennmore Ave till it ends at Belair Rd; at light make left onto Belair Rd.
    At first light make a Right onto Kenwood Ave. (if you pass the CVS on the right you have just missed Kenwood Ave.)
    Take Kenwood Ave until it ends at Philadelphia Rd; make a right at stop sign.
    Go approx. .5 miles and Magicks Mystic Blessings will be on your left. ( If you pass the new bank on your right, you missed the store; turn around.) Approx. time of travel 10 mins or less.

  2. How about we make either the Beltane or Summer pre-Gathering workshop making some of those symbols out of the salt dough like at yule? We could charge them with protection and string them and send them. Is that possible?

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