CedarLight Grove, ADF

A Druid Fellowship in Baltimore Maryland

May Events

May 1: Rites of Caffeina Brunch
May 5: Lore Mtg. Beltane planning.
May 7: Beltane Highrite
May 8: Rites of Caffeina Brunch
May 12: Lore Mtg. Ogham Project, discuss trees in the CLG yard & plan to make our own Ogham sets.
May 15: Rites of Caffeina Brunch, Dedicant’s Meeting
May 19: No Lore Mtg
May 22: Rites of Caffeina Brunch. 11AM Witan Mtg, Adopt-A-Highway clean up
May 26: No Lore Mtg. Wellspring, ADF National Mtg see: Wellspring Page
May 29: Rites of Caffeina Brunch

Future Plans: A candle magic class at CLG. Summertime work on Ogham project and Dedicant Pgm meditation.
Jun 25: Tenative Summer Solstice Highrite
Jun 26: CLG Witan (Business) Mtg