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Patron Goddess: Tailtiue

(by Crystal Groves, posted in the July 2006 issue of CedarLight’s newsletter: Walk with the Old Ones)

Though she is often kept in the shadows, Tailtiue, Goddess of the fruitful earth, is the patron Goddess of CedarLight Grove and has been for a long time.

Goddess TailtiueTailtiue is the foster-mother of Lugh, the Irish Sun God that many honor at the time of Lughnasadh (August 1st). The word “Lughnasadh” means “the funeral games of Lugh” but they do not refer to him, but instead his foster-mother. This is a time of the great Tailtean games (or Óenach Tailtenn), craft fairs, and traditional Taltean marriages that last for a year and a day. Her consorts are often Horse Lords and her father is the great fruitful plain. We can honor Tailtiue by showing gratitude for the harvest that comes at the hands of the Great Mare Mother, Mother of the Wind and Goddess of self sacrifice.

So how did Tailtiue become the Patron Deity of CLG?

Many years ago, our founder Will Pierson went through a daunting period in his life. About this same time, he was doing a lot of Shamanic Workings and meditation.

His own personal patron at the time, Tailtiue, had spoken to him through this meditation, and told him to “Build a home for my people.” This was the beginning that sparked the creation of CedarLight Grove. Which is only one of the primary reasons she is our Patron today.

During a reign of Caryn MacLuan as Senior Druid (who is currently our Pursewarden and Chief Liturgist), she proposed to the Witan that Tailtiue’s significance in the history of CedarLight Grove not be forgotten. As such it was unanimously voted that CedarLight Grove would be pledged to the Earth Goddess.

Lest we not forget our roots, let the members of the Grove acknowledge Tailtiue during ritual, when we honor the Shining Ones.

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  1. Our coven has honored Tailtiue in our Lammas ritual for several years now. The ritual is usually open to the public and held in a nearby park (Wilmington, DE). We would welcome your participation this year, if it’s feasible for you to make a road trip. Should you be interested, I can let you know particulars as the date approaches.
    Janice Chalas
    Keepers of the Holly Chalice
    Assembly of the Sacred Wheel

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