CedarLight Grove, ADF

A Druid Fellowship in Baltimore Maryland



After the fun and sillyness of the Highrite, there will be a CLG “Member’s Only” all night vigil at CedarLight Center. (Not a member, we have membership packets, you can join). Members will be spending the night, movies will be shown, fires tended, songs sung, tales told. Because it is a member’s only event, alcohol …

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May Events

May 1: Rites of Caffeina Brunch May 5: Lore Mtg. Beltane planning. May 7: Beltane Highrite May 8: Rites of Caffeina Brunch May 12: Lore Mtg. Ogham Project, discuss trees in the CLG yard & plan to make our own Ogham sets. May 15: Rites of Caffeina Brunch, Dedicant’s Meeting May 19: No Lore Mtg …

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April Events

04/02 – Dedicants Meeting 2pm 04/03 – Rites of Caffiena 10am – Walk with the Old Ones 04/07 – Lore Meeting 7pm – Ogham Project, Furze & Heather 04/10 – Rites of Caffiena 10am – Beltane Lore and Ritual Discussion and Walk with the Old Ones 04/14 – Lore Meeting 7pm – Ogham Project, Aspen …

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March Events

Mar 3: Lore Mtg: Ogham Project: Vine and Ivy Mar 6: Rites of Caffeina (ROC), Walk w/ the OldOnes Lore of Ostara at 1PM w/ some ritual planning Mar 10: Lore Mtg: Ogham: Broom & Blackthorn Mar 10: Start of Ecumenicon (www.ecumenicon.org) CLG is a sister organization to Ecumenicon Mar 13: ROC Mar 17: Lore …

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Feb Events

2/3 Lore Mtg on preparation for the Imbolc Highrite 2/5 Imbolc High Rite at CLG 4PM, Gather at 3 PM 2/6 Rites of Caffeina 2/10 Lore Mtg: Willow & Holly, Ogham Project 2/13 Rites of Caffeina 2/17 Lore Mtg: Hazel & Apple, Ogham Project 2/20 Rites of Caffeina; Witan Business Meeting 2/24 No Lore Meeting …

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Due to the snow, Rites of Caffeina and the Witan Meeting scheduled for tomorrow Jan 23rd, have been cancelled. Please stay home, warm and safe! Bright Blessings, The Witan of CedarLight Grove, ADF

Upcoming Events

Jan 6: Lore Mtg. Ogham; Birch Trees Jan 9: Rites of Caffeina; 12:30 PM Lore of Imbolc & Brigid Jan 13: Lore Mtg. Ogham; Alder Trees Jan 16: Rites of Caffeina; 12:30 PM Making Brigid’s Crosses Jan 20: Lore Mtg. Healer’s Guild; The Second Chakra Jan 23: Rites of Caffeina; 12:30 PM Witan (Business) Meeting …

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